How to Implement Tricks to Increase Your Motivation

You’re tired, unmotivated, and unwilling to move after a hard day’s work but something tells you to get up and get after the passion which will allow you to move on from your dead-end day job and kickstart you into making money doing what you love.
I get it, because I was in such a situation once, but I’m only halfway there. Being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor full-time, I’ve achieved one goal, but my ultimate goal is to become the “Authorpreneur” who can make a living doing what I do best: writing.
Below are a few tricks to the trade I implement to motivate myself into working well into the early morning hours.


All About Fitness

Though I love writing like I do fitness, I’m glad I got the fitness kick down before the writing kick reignited. Working out will do wonders for your mind and body, if done correctly. I like to write for a few hours in the early morning before heading off for a workout, train a few clients, and write more during my downtime in the middle of the day if I’m able to.
Like I mentioned above, I love working on my craft until well past midnight when everyone in my apartment complex had gone to sleep. So, I like doing my main workout sometime between ten and eleven at night. If you have a twenty-four-hour gym nearby, I suggest you join it, as it’ll be the only one open at such a late hour. If such gyms require a twelve month agreement, sign the paperwork, as you just put that much more value into feeling fit.
A late-night workout will rejuvenate you and bid you a few more waking hours than someone who doesn’t buckle down. I like to drink 60mg of caffeine from a Totally Light packet and eat a meal before going in. I’ll write for one to two hours, workout, and write another hour or two.


Motivational Techniques

One easy motivational technique to utilize is to remember why you began in the first place. What made you love doing what you do so much you want to make an actual living off it? Answer this question every single day you feel unmotivated. It’s also good to picture yourself doing your dead-end day job at times, even if you have to go into the office later in the day. Do you really want to be there?
If your nights are booked and early mornings are the only time you can work toward your ultimate goal, it’s good to use the techniques mentioned in the above paragraph if you’re required to wake up before the sun. I know most of us would love nothing more than to wake up and utilize a full night’s sleep, but it’s not always feasible to you and your goals.


Future Sights

Setting your sights on the future is another great way to motivate yourself. How long have you worked in your dead-end job? No, better yet, how long have you said this is the year you were going to leave it? If this has been going on for the last five years, did you see yourself stuck at this job five years ago? Do you see yourself there five years from today? If you answered no, it’s time to get started.
Keep the future in mind, as everything you do today will influence your future. Every movement, every choice, every action, every scene is going to influence who you are tomorrow, and all these small choices will ultimately decide who you are five years from today.

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