Wait! Don’t Rush!

Look, we all want to rush and be successful overnight to make it big in our chosen field but remember a golden rule; patience is a virtue. And it’s never been more true than here and now.

I’ve said in the past you need to take advantage of the present to make the future better, and please do. What I’m saying is you need to take your time with making your passion as perfect as you can.

Have a sense of urgency and begin your quest for leaving your old, dead-end, useless gig behind for greener pastures, but patience will ensure your pursuit of passion is done right.


You want to get out of your current situation? You need to make a rough draft, a revision, an edit, another revision, and another edit at the very least to make sure you hit a home run. At least for us budding novelists.



Good Things Come to Those Who Work

Yes, and no, to be quite honest. Good things come to those who work, if they’re putting in the proper amount of passion, patience, and dedication. The harder you work, the better it gets, and this is a proven commodity used time and again. You need to make this a process, even if it means taking a lot of losses, frustration, heartache, and swearing.

Do you want to know how long I’ve been working on my Lord of Columbia Trilogy?

Almost three years.


Because as a budding indie author, my goal is to make my great story about an arrogant college athlete turned war hero in a modernized fantasy-dystopia world devoid of numerous typos, plot errors, and other negative elements that crush most self-published works. I think I’ve read and edited my first manuscript sixteen times since I completed the first draft in December 2016.

Then comes promoting, choosing an appropriate cover, paying proofreaders to catch any typos I may’ve missed, SEO tools, blogging about the work, and investments to make the work as clean as possible before launching it.

Lord of Columbia has potential, and my goal is to ensure it has the greatest chance to succeed. It’s worth the time and patience to perfect the work’s message and share it with the world.



A Seven Day Gig

So, your forty-hour work week job gives you a lunch break, sixteen hours in between shifts (perhaps fewer if you work twelves) and select days off. That’s cute, because now’s the time for you to get cracking because your passion deserves it.

I usually visit my parents every Saturday but I’ll skip a weekend or two because I might have six hours-worth of editing to attend to after working my day job (which I do like a lot). What I’m getting to is, you can’t be taking time off. Your day job may give you days off; your true passion is going to be a seven-day gig.

Are you used to going out with your friends during Happy Hour? Forget about it, because you just wasted hours on a Friday Night you could’ve used to be more productive in pursuing your dream. Do you have a party or get-together you need to attend? Better make an appearance and get out, because you have something better to do.

There are no days off when it comes to pursuing your true passion and get what you want in life…freedom. Have patience, and freedom will come.

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