Love and Hate

These are two of the most powerful words in the English language. Love and hate go hand in hand, and for me and any of you looking to better yourselves in life and going all out, love and hate are going to follow you like a light or dark cloud.
We’re loved and hated by our social network when we make our plans known to the world. If you’re anything like me and wish to become an indie author preaching libertarianism or any type of unpopular opinion, your instance of love and hate just grew.
Because for budding authors, writers, analysts, broadcasters, and even comedians, every soul you come into contact with will be a critic. Few will say you’re okay if they’ve heard of you. Many will either love or hate you and this means you need to develop thick skin.


Cold, Hard Facts

The cold, hard facts of life is you’re going to get negative people, especially those you write or talk about, and everyone looking to go public with words is going to encounter this. Everyone we meet is another story, another character, another plot. They’re going to pop up in your stories or routines whether you want to admit it or not.
Even J.K. Rowling had gone on record to say many of her antagonists were based off people she’d met but didn’t like. Sure, Rowling was vague on the subject, but it doesn’t stop her from throwing some clues on whom she spoke of.
For myself, the “Team Apex” Pepsi Guy has been one of few examples.
Want a cold, hard fact?
Anyone in league with Mr. Team Apex is going to grill you whether on social media, out in public (behind your back, obviously), in text messages, and even behind closed doors. It’s going to happen.


Burning Bridges

If you say you’ve never done so about anyone, take a look in the mirror and really think about such an absurd claim. Chances are, you have. We all have, and we’re all guilty.
But the fact we’re going public with our words means we just upped the ante.
Bridges will be burned with people you figured would be there for you until death did its part. But, to be honest, they’re going to turn their backs on you the second you mention the words Pepsi Guy and Rockstar Energy in the same breath.
Know what this post is about?
Developing thick skin.
This especially bodes true if you’re a writer. You’re going to be ridiculed by the masses, as I’ve mentioned time and again, but it’s going to happen. If you’re a writer and you happen to be opinion-based as I am, especially in the libertarian sector, your friends are going to be few and far in-between.


All Storms Come to an End

The good news is all storms come to an end. The few who remain loyal to you will remain loyal, and even more are going to come to your side.
Sure, you’re going to be hated by many, but loved by more.
For instance, I go by Toddy Liberty on my personal Facebook page and the goal is strictly libertarian-based politics. Living in the conservative area like Weirton, West Virginia, being a libertarian-pagan means you’re going to be branded as an anti-American-anarcho-devil worshipper, or something similar.
Many people who considered me a friend won’t even look at me if I’m walking the aisles of a supermarket. I’m not welcomed in my old place of work for coming out of the woodwork about my ways. Rumors have been spread about me talking about others behind their back, etc.
At the end of the day, the haters will do everything it takes to bring you down, but you’re going to pick up a nice, loyal following of support.
When I’m spreading my libertarian message, I look to gain shares instead of likes and comments. It gives me more exposure as both a writer and an opinionated political think tank. At the end of the day, words of haters shouldn’t derail you; they should uplift and further motivate you, your pursuit, your brand, and your message.
We all have a message to the world, and those who are easily offended are going to go out of their way to try and bring your message down and blackball you into some sort of monster. My advice to you: Keep it up, weather the storm, and sell your passion.
You were born to do this, and if one opens a history text they can see firsthand all the good people who’ve dealt with adversity in life, only to reign victorious later on. Keep it up and keep pounding. You’re a rare and special breed.


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    We all have a message to the world, and those who are easily offended are going to go out of their way to try and bring your message down and blackball you into some sort of monster. My advice to you: Keep it up, weather the storm, and sell your passion.


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