Your Own, Personal Six-Day War

There’s Hope, even in an Onslaught


Just like Israel back in the day, you’re going to have a lot of enemies who want to fight you to just, well, fight you. People love finding faults in others, and they’ll go out of their way to find quirks in any soul while the masses follow. The sheep, in other words, will blindly follow the shepherd (Pepsi Guy) in the insults, ridicule, and for some strange reason, plot to bring you down….Hey, dude, all I said was you made money off selling people poison!

Now, for the good news. Your closest friends are going to be your greatest supporters and stay in close contact with them. The circle is going to be small and tight knit early on. Your enemies will be everywhere, and your allies will be few. But, you have allies.


Six Day War

Before I continue I want to express I don’t sympathize with either side in this conflict and it’s a mere example and nothing more. As a nature-loving Pagan, I don’t condone one institutionalized Abrahamic Religion over the other. Again, this is only an example.
For those who don’t know, the Six Day war occurred in the 1960’s between Israel and their Arab enemies. The point is Israel, was outnumbered thirteen to one and still pulled out victorious within six days.


UPDATE: I actually researched the USS Liberty incident and anyone who wishes to learn more should view Jake Morphonios and his End Times News Report at Blackstone Intelligence on YouTube. He posted an awesome video.

The lesson learned from the Israelis is it matters not how few are on your side and how many are against you; you can win anything in life if you want something bad enough. What matters is how much work you are willing to put into something, regardless of the popularity of your opinion.


King of Unpopular Opinion

I’ll admit I’m the King of Unpopular Opinion, and such unpopular opinions are what I write about in my manuscript trilogy, Lord of Columbia, which I look to launch in September 2018.

I live in a conservative-nationalist (don’t confuse the term with patriotic) area full of people so supportive of Donald Trump that I wouldn’t be surprised if they condoned the police arresting anyone who openly spoke negative about his policies. Trust me, it’s that legit. But, as a Libertarian, I criticized many policies of former President Barack Obama, so when I was misidentified as a liberal post-election these people back in Weirton are sadly mistaken.

Regarding my outspoken persona via politics, which you can see in several previous posts, it’s easy to admit I’ve burned several bridges over the past year (since I started working out of the area) due to my pro-liberty views.


Some of my own unpopular views are as followed: Taxation is Theft, the Fed needs to be audited, Trump is spending way too much on the military (another trillion at least) while running the ruse of being a small government advocate, the police force should be disbanded and reformed into a voluntary force, and so on.

For the above, I get a lot of ridicule, especially the fact I like to use my second Twitter account as my political platform. These views, however, are what I’m using as influences behind Lord of Columbia, and will become a focal point of several different plots.


Lessons Learnedjose-martinez-422914-unsplash.jpg

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned that I can relay to you is to tune out the doubters and the hate. I realize this sounds like a cliché, but I can’t stress this bit of advice enough. One thing to realize is, even if you’re not going to the extreme I’m willing to go to, doubters and haters run rampant, and they’re going to gang up.


I think it makes them feel better about their own situation, but LeBron James said it best back in 2011 after losing the NBA Finals. People will be happy you lost, but at the end of the day they have their own personal problems and have to get back to them. I’m going to continue to do what I want to do.

Well said, LeBron.

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