You Will be Tested

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

You’re going to be tested in any endeavor you set out for that doesn’t match the status-quo of personal leniency on the state or corporations. You’re going to have a weak supporting cast early on, as what you’re doing is something everyone and their mother is afraid to do. You’re going to challenge the conformist ways you’ve been taught since attending a state-run political prison called public school, turn down the big paying secure job with benefits, a sound retirement plan, and follow your ambitions.


Good, you’re on the right track.

The world would be a much happier place if people shut out the conformist lives society instructs them to live and pursue their passion to serve others. Unfortunately, about one percent of the population will attempt to follow their greatest ambitions and fewer will succeed. Their lack of success has nothing to do with trying and failing, we all fail when we try, but their lack of success is due to lack of perseverance or worse, never trying. When the going gets tough, people fold.


Since you came across this brief article, something tells me you’re going to persevere.



Well, Persevere

You can’t back off after one failed attempt, ten failed attempts, or one hundred failed attempts. Think of all the famous people who failed early on. Michael Jordan jumps out at me more than anyone. The fact you’re going to give in and follow the ninety-nine percent isn’t going to cut it in life unless you wish to reminisce about what could’ve been.
Those who tried once and gave up because the first attempt in learning (fail) somehow meant they were destined for the gig their parents and the school system said they should pursue in the first place are going to look back and wonder what could’ve been five, ten, twenty years down the road had they given it one more chance. They may’ve won their parents’ respect and proven a flawed public schooling system correct, but they didn’t win their own and they never will.


Failure isn’t failing, trying again, and failing again; failing is giving up.



Case Study: My Cleveland Browns

The Story of the Day is about the unluckiest franchise in American Sports. Talk about a franchise and fanbase who has been through hell since 1980. The Cleveland Browns lost three AFC Championship Games in the 1980’s, lost the team in 1995 (and Head Coach Bill Belichick), and have been completely irrelevant since their return in 1999 topped off with a 1-34 record since Week 14 of the 2015 season.


They’ve blown more top picks than they’ve had and have fired more coaches than Wal-Mart does street employees. They haven’t won their division since 1989 and have an abysmal 5-32 record against rival Pittsburgh Steelers since returning to the NFL.
But, each year Browns fans like myself get optimistic come August, believing this is THE YEAR. And each year, we’re disappointed. Sure, many fans have left and followed other teams, but those of us sticking this out realize that history shows if we stick with something long enough, things will pan out and wins will come, maybe even a Super Bowl.
Part of my perseverance may be related to being a Browns fan. Let me tell you, the losses pile up and a new quarterback behind center almost every week will cause even the most loyal Browns fan to question why they still care. But, once the NFL Season ends, it’s on to the NFL Draft, which has failed us time and again, but yet we read our draft magazines and look forward to the big event, hoping this is the year we finally get it right.
It’s no surprise many experts and analysts call the Cleveland fanbase the most loyal in the NFL. Look, the Cleveland Indians have won back to back division titles and had been to the World Series, the Cleveland Cavaliers have made three straight NBA Finals, winning one, the first championship the City of Cleveland had seen in fifty-two years, but they’re still talking football in Cleveland.


You won’t get this anywhere else. California can sink into the ocean and Arizona can become beachfront property, but they’ll still be talking football in Cleveland.



Our Chosen Field

Hey, many of us may be the subject of ridicule to our friends, family, and peers for being open about what we really want in this life and some of us may’ve failed so often we’ve become the Cleveland Browns of our chosen field.


Who cares?


What really matters is having the courage and craziness to persevere through the storm. Don’t stop because you failed once or that people think you’re out of your mind. It’s natural, and it’s going to happen.


Tune out the critics, and carry on.


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