Freedom in the Workplace

How to ‘Be Free’ While Making an Income and Doing What You Love


Freedom may come in many forms, but free isn’t free. If you think you’re grateful to live in a free country but must work two jobs to make ends meet you aren’t free and you won’t be free until you’re on your own path to career independence. Waking up at a certain time to fight traffic at a certain time to arrive at work at a certain time to eating lunch at a certain time (if at all) to dealing with angry people all the time to fight traffic on the way home at a certain time only to pay twenty to thirty percent of your earnings to the government isn’t freedom.
Sooner or later you need to ask yourself why you keep doing this? To those of you who leave a primary job to work a secondary job, why do you keep doing this? If this is what you set out to do, fine, keep at it. For those of you who aren’t satisfied with what you’re doing, you need to change it.



Case Study

You all know I love talking about myself at times but rather than give myself praise, I tend to use my stupid past mistakes to keep you from making the same ones. Only last year I made the mistake of getting rid of all my previous clients and relocating from Steubenville to Bethel Park to make a lateral move in working the same job.
My mentality was in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, the demand for training was going to be higher, so I toiled away for nearly six months driving from the South Hills to just beyond the region to the East Hills. If you know anything about Pittsburgh, you’re probably asking what was I thinking?
I don’t know, to be blunt. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. For some strange reason I thought it was a good idea to take an identical pay to the Weirton Club I worked in for four and a half years while now paying back student loans, an $800 rent, another $100 (or more) in utilities, and health insurance. Let’s just say I lost nearly $5,000 in six months while doing this, my weekly earnings averaging anywhere between $365 and $450. Wasn’t even paycheck to paycheck.
I Wasn’t Free
Luckily, I received a bailout in June when I was offered the gig to a new club in the North Hills, where I work today on a much better pay scale. From March to May 2017, I spent my entire free time looking for other gigs, and I was completely miserable. Heck I’d even search Indeed.com at work, hoping something would pop up so I could dig myself out of this hole I’d dug myself into.
As described in the opening paragraph, fighting traffic became the norm from the upper-middle class South Hills to the economically depressed East Hills. Somehow, I thought this was a great idea and it backfired. But at the same time, I knew I couldn’t go on doing the same thing over and over again, and had I not gotten out of there and into the North Hills, I’d probably still be slaving away working for pennies and training a group of people far outside my own target market.



New Gigs

One thing keeping me going this whole time was my writing. It was a fall back, and to this day, writing still keeps me going. Though I’m enjoying where I’m at and even enjoying the open highway I take to work, writing is and always will be a big part of my life and yes, I do hope to sell my manuscripts one day and spread the message of liberty.
This leads me to one thing: if you love what you’re doing but have a second passion, pursue it while you feed the first. It never hurts to become well-known in multiple fields.


I started this self-reliance, personal independence, and kind of sort of political blog for one reason: I’ve seen time and again people fall into gigs and situations they never dreamed of doing back in middle school. I’ve seen them (and this is going to burn a lot of bridges) get engaged, marry, and have kids with people they never said they would. We’re told it works out in the end, but let’s be honest, we all wonder what could’ve been had we stayed the course, weathered the storm, and stuck to our goals.

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