Critique is a Blessing

Critique is for the Strong-Willed Individual Looking to Partake in Positive Change


As a writer who’s looking to launch a career as an indie author in addition to my full-time career as a fitness trainer, critique is a blessing as I venture into the unknown world of writing. For someone balancing a few passions, I want to give a few tips regarding things I’ve learned since graduating high school in 2009.


Critique is for a strong-willed individual looking to partake in positive change. If you believe improvement is an ongoing process, this brief article is worth your time. Improvement is something we all hate to admit but need, and the further we come to this realization, the more we will improve in our passions and our lives.



I’ll Never be an Expert

I’ll never be an expert in the writing and fitness game. Sure, I may have the ability to show others how to get to where they need to be, teach them all I know, and point them in the right direction, but at the end of the day, I’ll never stop being a student.

Breakthroughs occur each day in both passions. The writing industry is changing, and the fitness industry has changed drastically. In our chosen fields, it’s our job to keep up with the changes. No one is an expert, and we all need to learn and continue to learn.



Critique is a Blessing

As the title implies, I love critique. Many will shrivel up and fold, especially if they’ve been in the game a while. We don’t like being told we’re wrong. But sometimes, we must buckle down and take the criticism. For a guy who used his personal Facebook for political opinion writing in my early days, criticism and bridge burning are real.

For those of us trying to make it in our own fields, critique is a must. Constant praise is good, but criticism is something we must learn to deal with if we’re going to continue to get better. If we’re not being critiqued, we’re going to stagnate. If you wish to be the best, critique is a blessing. If you wish to make it, critique is a blessing.



Patience is a Virtue

I’ve been working on my manuscript trilogy for almost three years. The majority of the three years has been devoted to my first manuscript as it sets the tone for the following two.


Why is it taking me so long?


I want it to be done right. Anyone can self-publish a book these days and to make sure it’s done right will minimize errors like typos, plot holes, and unexplained sequences. If it takes me another three years, so be it.


Update: Book One in my trilogy, Lord of Columbia, formerly known as Age of Columbia will be released in September 2018, the title to be Northern Knights. More information on influences and plot elements can be found here and here.


I’m in no hurry, and neither should you. However, it’s important we continue to move forward. My advice is to not worry about what the others are doing and how far ahead they may be. We all move at our own pace and it’s not about where we start, but where we finish. See the article I published earlier today for more details.



Be Unique

What separates my gym from the other twelve gyms in the area? A gym membership is a gym membership, right? Many will say yes, so it means my gym must stand alone as unique. My writing must do the same. Why should someone read this self-reliance blog over the five hundred others?

You must be unique if you’re going to succeed. I write in the dystopian/fantasy genre so why should someone read my trilogy over the tens of thousands of works in the current genre? If you’re not unique, your ship is going to sink. Find your niche and be unique.




Never take criticism as an insult and follow the points I laid out. Instead, take the criticism in stride, be patient, be unique, and continue to be a student of your chosen craft. If you follow these guidelines, you’re that much closer to landing the way of living you want.

Are you tired of punching a time clock and making no impact on anyone else’s lives? If so, learn, learn, and continue to learn, and read, read, read, and continue to read. Absorb the praise and learn from the mistakes. Life is a fast game, so don’t allow thirty years to pass and wonder what could’ve been.



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