Tune Out the Doubters

Look, I’m going to tell it like it is: you’re a unique soul. You refused to conform to society’s expectations. You realize waking up, force feeding, and fighting traffic isn’t living. You know struggling at a job you may not like, despite a potential payout, just to pay bills and pay off a mortgage or rent to sleep at night isn’t the true way.
You’re bright, because you realize going through the motions in life like everyone else creates sheep and not wolves. You know a purpose exists for you and to sell out like a Pepsi Guy defeats said purposes. You know most companies are going to replace you two seconds after you walk out the door in most gigs.
So, you sit and ponder what it is you can do about it. But, you’re unsure where to begin.



You know your ambitions and what you want, but instead of garnering positive support from societal sheep you receive the opposite. These negative souls plant the seed of doubt. They were taught it’s okay to dream, it’s okay to have hobbies, and it’s okay to like something, but it’s not going to pay the bills because few people succeed at it.
I proved my doubters wrong regarding making a good living off being a personal trainer by age twenty-two. It didn’t take me long to build a small following to keep me paying my bills and having enough money to spend on a car and pay back student loans. Now, I have a place of my own while still working as a trainer.
I’m proving doubters wrong again after they doubted I could continue making such a living outside of the Ohio Valley. Though I still live on the edge of the Ohio Valley right at the West Virginia-Pennsylvania line, I make my living in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Beautiful area.
Though it took a good thirteen months of headaches, frustration, swearing, and asking myself what I was doing, I persevered and broke even. Now, I’m profit building. So, embarking on your own, especially in your chosen field where you call the shots is tough and at times, downright maddening, it’s worth it in the end.


What You Can Do

For starters, keep your day job for the time being and don’t plunge in without a safety net. Your day job is your current steady flow of income and don’t abandon it. One thing I would’ve done differently was to have kept my original training gig for the time being while working on building my client base in other areas. I plunged in headfirst and lost a good amount of money before seeing the fruits of my labor pay off.
If your day job consists of a flexible schedule, ease out of it, but don’t do so overnight. Instead, decrease your commitment to it while you make small profits in your dream gig. Sure, it’s going to take a lot of work, late nights, and early mornings, but if it’s a passion that’s worth having, you should be looking forward to the ride. I know I do.
Keep your expectations realistic. This is important for me, even today. As I branch off into novel writing, I must realize not everyone is going to be interested in what I write. Ditto for my fitness gig. In fact, few, very few people will be interested in your passion, but that’s okay, because this is what it’s like for anything. Put it this way, very few people actually know the faces of professional athletes, but each athlete has a solid following.



Two Passions?

If you’re anything like me and want to succeed in two passions, is that a problem? Heck no! Look, writing and fitness go hand in hand multiple times, which is why we’re starting our fitness blog, which I’ll supply the url to when the first blog is written…. soon!
At the same time, I have multiple personalities, to an extent. I love the fit side of me, but I also need to satisfy the libertarian, individualist, and self-reliant side. I need both in my life to be happy. I need to teach people to be a wolf, not a sheep, as most in society are. It’s a message I need to preach, and it’s entwined with fitness, as fitness teaches self-reliance. Writing, on the other hand, will preach the importance of being independent in favor of being dependent. Society teaches us dependence, and I teach independence.
If I succeeded in fitness, great! But if I succeed in it while being a sheep, I didn’t achieve my goal; I achieved half my goal. I need to tell people to quit believing in universal healthcare and look at it as a service we buy. I need to tell people government price fixing has never worked in history and giving up our guns only plays more into the government’s hands. I need to preach the fact the government habitually violates the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Bill of Rights.
There is much for me to preach to fuel my passions, and MyFreedomFlame is about this. While I teach you how to quit relying on large corporations, government, or unions for work, big pharma for remedies, and to stop trusting in GMO’s and all the other crazy stuff out there, I need my balance in fitness, as preaching fitness is the pinnacle of freedom.

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