Pain of Discipline versus Pain of Regret

Pain of Discipline is Temporary, Pain of Regret Lasts A Lifetime


Let’s be honest: Discipline hurts! I mean, our minds and bodies don’t like to change, and we need to demand change, day in and day out. As a fitness trainer, I make a living demanding change from my own and my clients’ bodies.


As a writer and aspiring indie author, I demand change from my mind, consistently staying up between one and two in the morning every night, even if I have to be in the gym at nine in the morning. We need to demand change.



One reason I decided to study wellness and fitness in college is because you can apply such studies to anything. For instance, Barriers to Change is a huge psychological obstacle within each of us.


We all have barriers, and some we face every single day.
For instance, my own parents were brought up the old-fashioned way. What I mean by this are ultra conservative households, churchgoing parents, and after high school one goes spouse searching and finds a job to pay the bills. One of my pet peeves is this exact lifestyle because it’s the gateway to conformity.

Yet, parents are ultimate barriers, despite occasional support. We know what’s best for us, and they don’t. Trust me, they’ll try to corrupt you into their old ways. One thing I love about being part of Generation Y is the fact there are many more known opportunities for us than Generation X.



Ironically, identical opportunities exist in the world of the arts, fitness, etc., while new things such as tech advancements also fuel us, but this blog is about individual self-reliance in life and my own personal journey.

Here’s what you need to do. List your own personal barriers. By identifying barriers, we can better understand what we need to overcome so we can get to where we need to be.

My barriers are endless, such as needing to maintain a full-time job to pay the bills each month while upholding my fitness lifestyle. Two parents nagging me to buy a house in favor of renting an apartment is a hassle, and the worst may be their (at times) disapproval of my job in the fitness field, as it’s what I make it as.

In other words, as a fitness trainer and writer, nothing is guaranteed, even your own job benefits. But, that’s where my self-reliance aspect comes in. This is where individuality and refusal to conform to the status-quo comes in. To me, it’s a badge of honor because many aren’t willing to embark on this high and lonely destiny.


Pain of Discipline

Again, discipline hurts, but it’s a good hurt. It hurts so good. Why? Because the pain of discipline is worth the struggle. Sure, we have our barriers and the pain of discipline means overcoming these barriers.

Have you ever heard the old cliché if it were easy, everyone would be doing it? That’s pain of discipline, and it’s a temporary pain. If you’ve ever felt over-elated after winning a contest or achieving a goal you once thought impossible, you have experience with the pain of discipline. Pain of discipline becomes less painful when the goal is reached.



Pain of Regret

How many of us have heard somebody say they had this, this, and this going for them, but this happened and that happened, and they ended up doing something different and are still reminiscing on what could’ve been? Sorry for such a run-on sentence, but this is pain of regret. Ten, twenty, thirty years later, people still feel pain of regret.

What happened?


I don’t lie on this blog, and some people just aren’t strong-willed. We’re all capable of being strong-willed, but when the going gets tough is what describes our true character. Do we go all-in or do we fold? Think of later generations. What are you going to tell future generations? And you’re still reminiscing because you lacked discipline.



Don’t fall for barriers and when things get tough, you need to remember why you began. Why did you embark on a journey to be the non-conformist? The wolf leading the sheep? The role-model people are looking up to? Answer these questions every day if that’s what it takes.

Don’t fall for what mom and dad want, even if brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and the works would respect you if you became the Pepsi Guy and received a decent salary plus job and retirement benefits. Don’t let a company take care of you.

Find your niche, work for it like a madman on a mission, and don’t stop until you achieve it. In other words, embrace the pain of discipline!

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