How to Gain Freedom in the Workplace: Know what you do, and let the Whole World Know About It

A few weeks back, you may recall my post of letting the universe know about your passion. You’ll also know that as someone who has recently begun practicing Wicca a few months ago, getting the universe involved is part of the game; the universe thrives off the positive energy we throw out there, and so will you. Take advantage of this little-known fact and feel the positive energy flowing from you and into void.
I’ve talked to a few people over the past week regarding positive and negative energy. In addition to my dream of launching a writing career, I work as a trainer at an independent health club and we specialize in changing lives from the inside out. In other words, we create the positive atmosphere and one can feel the positive vibes flowing throughout the club. This is no joke, as those of us who know this energy is there, its effect becomes greater.


The Workplace

We’ve all worked jobs where we’ve had negative energy flowing throughout the premises. I reminisced about such an experience at my first real job, the story of which can be found here.
I know what a negative workplace looks like, and I cannot stress enough how much I couldn’t wait to get out of the place. Negative energy ran rampant in every department and the employees were miserable. You may’ve had such an experience and can relate.
As a twenty-year-old, I couldn’t help but ask why these people were putting themselves through such hell day in and day out if they couldn’t stand being there. For me, getting another job became the ultimate goal, but the next job had to be in a positive atmosphere.
Thankfully, such a job came in September 2012 at a Weirton-based independent health club in which I worked for five years. As mentioned in my previous article, I hope to launch a memoir (kind of) of my experiences in the place. It’ll give any reader quite the laugh.


What is your Passion?

This is an easier answer than most are led to believe. What is your passion? Well, what do you enjoy doing day in and day out? If your answer is going to work, good for you. You can stop reading this article now because you reached a place ninety-percent of people will never see unless they can find motivation, which is what My Freedom Flame is all about: individualist, self-reliant, control of one’s life. I want you to be free from your bonds!
Now that your passion has been staring in your face all along, it’s time to pursue it. If you’re dissatisfied with your job or if you’re like me and have multiple passions and wish to get the best of both, the time to take action is now. Today is the best day to take action.
Many wait for the “opportune time” to pursue their passion. Newsflash, there is no opportune time; it’s now or never. Pursue it today and take the first step into retaking control of your life.


How to Pursue Passion?

I wrote a few articles and gave some short tidbits here and here, but where does one begin if they don’t know where to begin? You need to go the old-fashioned way and read, read, read. Don’t just type your passion into a search engine and read contradictory articles. Go to the experts who have written books on the subjects. They’re your go-to.
Once you’ve found a base on where to begin, it’s time to utilize the pursuit portions I outlined in the articles highlighted above and motivate yourself to stay up late or wake up early. I prefer to stay up late, as I like hitting the gym at eleven in the evening, which means I’m up until at least one or two in the morning. Some of us may prefer to rise early.



Let the World Know About it

Well, did you put it out there yet? Put the energy out in the universe and tell everyone about who you are and what you’re doing. Will you be met with backlash? Yes. With laughter? Yes. With a decreased friend base? Yes, but you will feel so much better in the long run, even if the short run doesn’t appear so.
Let the naysayers talk and keep the circle small. The universe and the world should know what’s up. You’re part of it and they’re part of you. Let them know what you want.

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