How to Keep the Circle Close

I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep the circle small. I’m not a sheltered or secluded person; I like to keep my circle small for many reasons. For one, it allows me to remain in control of my life. The larger the circle, the more commitments one has, and the less time one has to get done what they’d like to get done. For another, I’m a wolf, and not a sheep, wolves travel in tight packs, while sheep graze in large groups.


Less is More

The more we tighten anything, the more power we receive. The fewer people with us, the better our chances are at succeeding. If we have a few of the right people surrounding us, we can’t lose.
People are natural followers, which means they’re naturally sheep in a flock. People desire to fit in, and they go with the status-quo. They do this often because they need to be part of the group.
Find the person who’s supposedly The One’s gift to Earth and see who follows without knowledge. Follow them on social media, and you’ll see a different tale. They’re the ones talking about everyone else, but when another not of the group, or formerly in the group, goes to defend themselves, they’re the bad guy, because these people will turn the tables.
Keeping the circle smaller will help get rid of these poisonous souls. In my experience, these are the ones who always have something to say about something else on social media. Regardless of what the majority think, you should know what you want, and it’s best to stay away from the wrong ones, even if they’re popular, and stick to the right ones.


Personal Experience

I’ve already lit this bridge ablaze, so it’s cool. Back in my old gym gig there were these two guys who either annoyed gym members or were deities to most. These “gym gods” came into the place between 2:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon and talked to the “in” people for a good hour. Sadly, I was young and in their group, ditto for the manager, gym queens, etc.
They’d shotgun a Rockstar Energy, mix it with pre-workout, down it, and yell and scream for the next two hours of their lift. They were the popular guys to most, but others (myself included, though I didn’t dare step up like some coward) found them flat-out annoying. Needless to say, they were the center of attention Monday through Saturday, and not always for the good.
Yet, they always had a big following and “prime time” at the gym occurred whenever they were in. One day, they went across the river and into the other club and lifted there for a good six months. Some in the gym were elated, but most weren’t.
After a bit, I heard they’d been warned several times to cut their antics or at least utilize some common sense, as members came forward about them left and right. Things came to a head when one of the men (thirty-eight years-old) at the time, calls a twenty-year-old out via social media, leading to the two to come back to our club.


Lessons Learned

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned with the above example, and I’m being as vague as vague can get for obvious reasons, it’s the fact the bigger the circle can lead to disastrous consequences. Had I taken a stand then, as I should’ve, I would’ve spent a lot less time yapping with a couple stereotypical wannabe meatheads and gotten much more work done.
Yet, the lesson was learned after I rediscovered my love and passion for writing in mid-2015. I was able to shut my office door and really hunker down on my craft, working toward it and tune out the negativity surrounding me.
Though the two men still lift there and are still The One’s gift to the gym and have a massive semi-local following, I’m glad to be out of that group. I’m glad to have left when I did and find myself, and to start this blog. It’s not about having ninety percent of the people behind you; it’s about the small percentage who are with you.
I think, after I release my first books, the Uprising Trilogy, I’m going to make a memoir-esque book regarding this place, and making confessions that’d make my own mother’s hair go gray.

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