How to Sell Your Passion

Do you want to hear a confession?
I hate sales, marketing, and numbers, but to have success in anything, these three elements how their ugly head in any business. If you wish to make money, or a decent side income to pay the bills, you need to sale your product.
Whatever your idea, or in my case, my message, you need to have the tools to sale the product.


Learn on Your Current Job

This is where having a decent primary income job comes in. As a personal trainer, I can apply not only my writing (look for my fitness-oriented blog this coming week), but I can apply my selling personal training to selling my message.
In fitness, I have to get used to selling myself, and in your chosen gig, you need to sell yourself, because your name is your brand, and your product is you.


Be Resourceful

If you’re unable to sell, or are unsure if you’re able to, try finding a mentor or someone who is an expert at the art. Selling is an art, and honest selling is something which will separate you from the rest. You’re selling a product you believe in, and since it’s your product, you’re selling yourself.
I’m not a natural salesperson; in fact, I get uncomfortable asking people for their money. The difference between selling training and selling manuscripts is I’m asking for a much lower price in people to buy any book I decide to publish in the near future. In training, we’re asking people to buy services to match a second car payment, anywhere between $240 and $720 a month.
Yet, there are ways to learn to sell effectively.
Again, find a mentor within your work and they’ll be happy to show you some things. Some, such as the person I’m always poking for advice, allows me to sit on a sales process.



Here are a few tips I’ve learned in the past few months:
1) Know your targeted market. Let’s face an honest fact: Most people aren’t going to be interested in even listening to us. That’s okay, because a small percentage will hear us out and may be interested in the product. Find them and become the expert on what you’re selling.
2) Don’t be slick. Slick people may be naturally good salespeople, but they’re rarely experts. They under deliver, and they can sell anything from couches to mattresses to Pepsi.
3) Show, Don’t Tell. Slick people can talk their way into anything and talk most into buying something. Instead of telling, show your targeted market what makes your product unique. In training, I like to use testimonials from past clients, plus progress pictures and statistics. For my writing, I like to use social media to relay my vision and philosophy, while citing many well-known names. Always show, never tell.
4) Over deliver. You need to be selling your passion, so you’re expected to over deliver. Your slick salespeople are the opposite; once they make the sale, the customer sold to becomes irrelevant. The most passionate over deliver time and again.



Selling takes time, trial, error, frustration, cursing, and swearing, but when you take the time to master this art, income will be flowing. If you’re unhappy with your current situation, selling will be pivotal, and you’ll need to learn it to do your own thing and maintain your own income. Never embark on your own journey unless you’re willing to, and learn how to, sell.


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