How to Dream When Awake

By now, we’re familiar with the old cliché reminding us we either keep sleeping and dreaming or wake up and make our dreams a reality. Nothing could be truer. Every day, every hour, every second, we’re faced with the choice, either we make our dreams happen or keep on dreaming.

I hope you choose to make our dreams come true and utilize every free second of your day to make this happen.


Freedom to Create

You know why you’re here. You want to quit relying on a large corporation, a union, or the government to keep you employed. You want to put your living into your own hands.

Me too, and I’ve already done this to a short extent and have taken the first steps in doing so to a greater extent. This is why I started My Freedom Flame; to give you the feeling of being independent, being free, and loving your living every second.

As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, the freedom to create my own schedule becomes an addiction. I’ll never punch a time clock ever again if I can help it because I love the job being at my mercy. As a budding writer, I get the same feeling; I’m free.

You will earn this freedom by working relentlessly to pursue your own dreams, as our dreams give us the freedom to create. Even if such a dream requires a tight schedule, we’re still free to create, because we’re selling ourselves.


Late Nights or Early Mornings

I’m still only halfway to being where I want to be. I have the trainer part down and working toward a forty-hour (almost there) work week, but I love writing, and I have a libertarian-based, individualist message to spread. Fitness doesn’t allow me to do this, but writing does.

So, how does one work full-time, or near full-time, and still find time to pursue a second passion?

We have options, and you can either wake up before the conformists or go to sleep long after the last sheep is led to the stable. I prefer late nights, because I’m naturally nocturnal, but you may be an early riser or part the luxurious “sleepless elite.” Take advantage of it.


Just Say No

We need to practice self-control and discipline, as our friends, or my few friends may feel slighted and never understand why we’re doing what we’re doing. If you’re one to go out late, it needs to become your work time unless you feel like staying up all night to get your work in.

I’ve always loved peer pressure because it separates the contenders from the pretenders. The contenders will never give into peer pressure under any circumstance, and the pretenders will give in and hold off on their dreams. You have a choice. This is the beauty of life.



Life is all about choices, and how we go about them has a direct effect on our living. Many times, if we’re miserable a night out partying or whatever is a temporary fix to the real problem, and our problem will still be present once our euphoria wears off.
Always put your goals and desires ahead of the pressures and temptations, and you’ll be better off. Remember what you’re doing and why you started, and soon you’ll be moving mountains and attaining goals you’ve never thought possible.


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