How to Weather your Storm

We face storms in our lives many times, but when we’re looking to get out of our current situation to self-reliance, we increase our storms twenty-fold. You’re already working eight to ten-hour days, but your job’s dead end. You try to enjoy your work, and you continue to dread going in day in and day out.
We go to work, we get home, and we’re stressed. We try to relax but work’s still on our mind. We have a tough time sleeping at night because we’re dreading tomorrow, and we’ll do anything to not go back another day.


We Have A Storm

Okay, the storm has brewed. Thing is, even when we realize this, we’re too stressed to do anything about it. We already worked eight to ten hours, spent another thirty to sixty minutes in a vehicle, and have other commitments. But we know we’re going to go crazy if we continue this self-destructive path.
Our reasons for wanting to change are endless. Sometimes, the job doesn’t pay enough and we come to the realization we have to go find another to make ends meet. We may have a decent paying job but may be so miserable we’re playing the lottery every night in hopes of quitting our job. Maybe we don’t see value in our current position and to be happier, we need to find value.


Find Motivation

It’s not because we’re stressed, don’t have time, or are too tired, we’re demotivated. We lack motivation, even when we want out of our current situation. Do we need to find motivation? No, we already found it. The fact we’re not satisfied where we are is motivation enough.
We need to remember the why. Why are we starting our expedition in weathering our storms? Motivation is there, we must realize it. You don’t need to find motivation; it’s there. Every day, either before or after work, you need to make where you want to be like a second job. If you’re truly motivated and want out of your current situation, you need to treat your dreams like a job.


Finding Discipline

Instead of waking up a couple hours before work, force feeding, and spending an hour to get ready for work, you need to be up a few hours before this. I don’t care if you’re used to getting up at five to be at work by eight, if you want something bad enough, you’re going to be up at two in the morning and dedicate three hours to your desired craft.
Do you want to spend your life working for a large corporation like Pepsi, and forever being their mercy? Want to work for the government all your life and rely on them? Or, do you want to be independent enough to rely on yourself and fuel your own fire?
The motivation is there, the dream is there, but the willpower better be there if you want to be happy. When you love what you do, you’re never at work, because it’s natural progression. The stress turns into a fun challenge. The thoughts of dread before and after work turn into problems worth solving, a mystery, perhaps. You’re successful because you didn’t give in and become another drone during your storm. You weathered it and found a solution to succeed.

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