How to Pursue Passion

We all want to make money by pursuing our passion. We want to do what we dreamed of doing back in grade school and middle school. As mentioned in previous posts on the old MatthewsFit.blog it appears high school changes our priorities. Making instant money takes over for our previous dreams and we end up making a living doing something we never dreamed of.
Why not go back to our grade school and middle school days to see what interests us?
What made you want to learn and look deeper into? Mine was history, and it serves as a constant source for my Uprising manuscript and the two subsequent manuscripts to follow. Certain historical events peak my interest to fuel my passion: writing.
When you remember what motivated you to pay attention in class, think of the euphoria you felt each day when it was time for the class to begin.
Do you feel the same when waking up to fight traffic and get to a job that will replace you tomorrow?
Even if you like what you’re doing, we’re all saying no to this. Remember, euphoria is ecstasy, not satisfaction. There is a difference.
I go to sleep each day knowing I’m getting closer to my goal of publishing a manuscript after a tough but fun eight to ten hour of editing. I know I’m another step closer to my ultimate goal: becoming an Authorpreneur.
Yet, there’s so much more to it than writing a book and publishing it, whether traditional or the self-publishing route. I’m leaning toward self because I like the freedom that comes with it. But we have to do all the promoting, marketing, appearances (if a local bookstore is interested), and so on. Perhaps your passion is similar to mine.
Oh, by the way, I work at a gym over forty hours a week, workout twice a day, have to keep an apartment clean and be able to pay for the place, utilities, insurance, and student loans. Sound familiar? Or, do you just work long weeks?
How do we find the time to pursue what we dreamed of when we were young? We must prioritize our time and make it sacred, no matter the cost. Sure, if you have a family a spouse and kids come first. But even in such a situation, you’ll have time. We need to make time.
You can sacrifice one hour of sleep by either getting up in the morning or staying up another hour. Instead of watching TV, turn it off and get to work. If you’re relaxing in the evening after a stressful day of work, relieve such stress by engaging in the activity you love.
Funny thing about pursuing passion is the amount of work that goes into it becomes irrelevant. As someone writing their first manuscript, I may worry about the marathon of the middle, the edits, the learning experiences stemming from my first work, and whether it will appeal to readers, but instead of looking at it like a stressful challenge, I instead see it as a fun challenge.
When you’re pursuing passion, remember it’s going to be a fun journey and to enjoy the wild ride. Everyone pursuing their true dreams will have ups and downs, and it’s important to weather the storm and ride it out. In the end, it’ll be worth it, because you’ll get to leave the nine to five desk job, corporate job, union job, or government job which has turned you into what you vowed you’d never become.
Do yourself a favor and start pursuing right now by rearranging your schedule to add such a productive project into the mix. You can do it; the only thing stopping yourself is you.

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