Perseverance is Larger than the Storm

Perseverance is larger than the storm, because when we’re looking to move above and beyond the status-quo in society, storms will be aplenty. Everywhere you look, friends, family members, people you knew in high school, everyone, for the most part, will fail to understand your passion and desire.
You’re going to be ridiculed more than you are going to be praised, mocked, and even hated by others you once believed to be friends. This path isn’t easy, and it’s often a high and lonely destiny.
As stated on my previous site, MatthewsFit, people are scared to take the step outside of charted waters. They think within the box, because mom and dad taught them to. And when you’re going against your parents own teachings, as many have been conditioned to rely on corporations or governments, they’re going to get angry. Their insults, laughter, and ridicule is fueled by anger, because not only are you more courageous than they, you’re also more ambitious, and people can’t stand it when others reach a milestone.
The good news? If you’re a writer like myself and looking to become a term dubbed an Authorpreneur, you’re going to generate quite a following. You’ll get some fans and, on the way, meet new people you otherwise wouldn’t have met. Better yet, these good souls fill the void left by the other “friends” of a seemingly past life. I’ve been fortunate to meet a few, but since my journey is still in its early stages, I’m aware there are much more like-minded people to come.
Look, people are going to get jealous, because they chose at a young age not to carve their path, rather allow someone else, a government, corporation, or union, carve it for them. When they see you doing what they wanted to do (not necessarily be an Authorpreneur, but anything involving more work than usual to get to where you want to be, often with an ounce or two of exposure and marketability) it angers them.
I’ve been told several things, such as not having a real job or career, being as I work as a trainer for a “day job” and have the liberty at the moment of making my own schedule. It’s asinine how insistent the masses are at one getting a “real job” where a time clock is punched, and you’re subject to someone else’s dream while being bribed (don’t fall for the old compensation trick) for your time. By the way, the bribe falls far short of what they make; not saying it shouldn’t, but some of this is astounding.
Use your fraction of earnings what the boss earns as motivation to dig, claw, and fight your way out of this mess. And if you are a big boss or business owner reading my blog, I do respect you, because I’m sure you can relate well to what this twenty-six-year-old kid has written about regarding ambition. I only ask you motivate your own employees to embark on their path. If they’re happy, it’s one thing, but if they want more in life and want to be somewhere else in a few years, share the wealth of knowledge, please.
One reason why I love talking with business owners, be it small or big business, is no one can relate better. Sure, it’d be great to talk with other Authorpreneurs, but any business owner can relate. They can tell you straight up what their journey to the top of their game looked like and can provide some information regarding mistakes and pitfalls they endured so you don’t commit the same error.
Most, if not all, are more than happy to tell their story and encourage you to stay true to yourself and withstand the storm which will come, as again, many are afraid to embark on this path. To make themselves feel better, they’ll laugh at you, but these people are lying to themselves. They’re scared, and they’d rather stock Pepsi for thirty-five years, or however long, with a “secure job,” a nice salary, and benefits, yet at the same time, relying on another to take care of them.
Persevere, and don’t give in to others, even if it means pouring gasoline on an already burning bridge.

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