The Truth Behind the Memo Release

Why did both sides wish to keep FISA classified? The Demos said it was reckless for the average American to see such sensitive material. The GOP said the criminality of such a memo release would shock Americans.

This memo is really about how corrupt the American Government is. Both sides knew of the “deep state” that exists within this country, creating enemies to justify outrageous military spending for “peacekeeping” purposes, which is anything but, judging from the 75,000 bombs Bush dropped and the 100,000 bombs Obama dropped.

It’s more than keeping peace. America must have an enemy at large to continue this outlandish spending, and as I’ve mentioned before, we have warhawk neo-cons on both the Left and Right.

This memo further demonstrates what little to no care politicians have for the people they’re supposed to represent. It’s very clear both sides, particularly David Nunes, knew of the sensitive information contained within the memo, including the FBI’s abuse of FISA.

I’ve long preached law enforcement at all levels is the ultimate cancer to a free country, and I’ve again been proven right due to the information released in this memo. I’ve long stated the American Government doesn’t care about protecting its citizens’ rights, but quite the opposite, usurping them in the name of security.

It goes like this: The government uses the mass media to strike fear in the American public, and all news outlets preach such a fear. Gradually, the public demands more safety measures, willingly giving up more rights in the name of phony threats like Iran, Russia, and North Korea. We can easily use diplomatic measures to coexist with these “enemies,” yet the government must fund the military and increase its spending.

We go to war with a country under terms of “liberating” such a nation, but instead establish a base there, as we’ve been doing for far too long, and never leave, gaining another “client” in the American Empire who in turn demands our presence as they’re fearmongered, or threatened, into needing us to keep them “safe.”


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