All About Value

It’s all about value. Careers, in general are all about value. If there’s one thing I reject, it’s the old money over passion adage we see often in society today. And so many of us fall victim to it.
It’s temptation. A company, maybe not something you were interested in doing, offers you a gig worth $52,000 a year starting out with health, vision, and retirement benefits, you’d be crazy not to take it, right?
At least in my opinion.
I’m not looking to take the easy way out. I’m not about that, and neither should you. Sure, perhaps you take a gig to make a good paycheck, but to make it your entire thirty-five-year career, heck no!
I have much more to offer the world than work fifty to sixty hours a week in a job I didn’t envision having, a job I didn’t set out to do, and so do you. Which is why I continue to work for a small business training clients while working on my Author Platform and my dream of becoming an Authorpreneur.
Sure, I’m making sixty-percent of what I could be making doing some blue-collar, manual labor job, but I have a goal in mind and working as a trainer allows me to bring my laptop to work where I can continue to research, write, and post relevant information. I work six to eight hours, like everyone else, but as a trainer, I have plenty of downtime throughout the afternoon hours, letting me work toward my passion.
Don’t think just because I’m doing this while at work means I’m relaxing and watching television in the early morning and evening. I’m not, and neither should you. If you’re doing this, stop it; leave it to the masses. Since you’re reading this, you aren’t part of the masses.
You need to do something with value, and despite the fact you may be operating at losses (which is why we keep our day jobs in the short term) while letting someone in the masses take the easy way out, doing what you see value in is going to pay off in the long run. Well, if you have passion for what you value, it will.
You’re going to wake up every day wanting to work on it. You’re going to find yourself waking up at three in the morning when you don’t need to be at your day job until ten in the morning, wide awake, ready to work. That’s passion! It’s also value. Isn’t something you see yourself doing until you retire? Or better yet, continue to do after semi-retirement? Ron Paul is eighty-two, and he still broadcasts and posts about his thoughts regarding current events.
So, you can take the easy way out, make your $52,000, make a two-percent increase on salary each year, get your benefits, rely on either the corporation, union, or government you’re working for, and let your dreams, and your impact on the world, go to the wayside, or you can work toward what you really want.
The choice is yours. I’m one for making an impact. I want to make money selling words and ideas. The masses are indoctrinated enough into things like compulsory, state-approved education, large entities like government and corporations “rewarding” the common man with a bribe and benefits, while making a lot of money for themselves. No, you’re making the employer a lot of money and helping them with their dream, while sacrificing your own.

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