Let the Universe Know

If you want something badly enough, you want to let the universe know. Any motivational teacher will tell us the universe needs to know. I don’t care how absurd it sounds to people or how crazy they’ll think you are, because trust me, the everymen and women of our world will think so, and they encompass ninety-eight percent of the population.
Back in 1985, someone said a phone would tell us anything we’d ask it. I often ask people in their forties and fifties what their response would’ve been to the one staking this claim, and the answers are identical; they would’ve thought the person to be out of their mind.
The good news is you’re not out of your mind. You’re a thinker and being a thinker means you’ve already risen above the status quo of slaving away to make a living at maybe a decent salary, but you’re still slaving away stocking the grocery aisle at a local grocery store (I’m sick of talking about Pepsi products, so I wanted to pick something else, so I’ll pick on Local Food Chain Store Manager). Again, did you see yourself fronting items for a living making your corporate overlords a lot of money? Right, didn’t think so.
Anyway, back to our discussion you’re not out of your mind and settling for less than your worth, even if the bribe and benefits appear tasty. You’re a dreamer, an idealist, a thinker, and all those wonderful things. You have an idea or ideas and you wish to sell them one day and make a living out of it. Hey, so am I.
Let’s be honest: most will take the bribe and benefits because it gives them a sense of security, but if you’re anything like me, and you’re unapologetically yourself, you already put your idea on Facebook, Twitter, or some social media outlet. It’s out there, and people are laughing and mocking you this very minute. Let them, and don’t be ashamed. You’ve already risen above them.
Best yet, the universe knows, as do the deities of your chosen religion, or if you’re secular, we can stick to just the universe. You’ve just been given more strength, as since the universe knows and is full of positive energy, now you’re about to get enlightened, which will raise you to Cloud Ten after everyone else is stuck on Cloud Nine because their corporation, union, or government entity granted them a raise. Awesome, you’re becoming self-reliant, and relying on the supernatural, or little known natural.
Okay, think positive now, and really visualize what you want. In my Wicca practice, which is still very fledgling, I do these following practices nightly, which you can incorporate any time you choose.
1) Deep breathing. I do this for five to ten minutes before moving on to…
2) Meditation. Easier said than done, but the key here is to relax the body, visualize the positive, subdue the lighting, and open your conscious mind to some good images and vibes.
3) Visualization. You know what you want, but this powerful tool will help you conquer what you need. Start off by visualizing an object for five minutes without anything interrupting the mind. Move onto an object in front you but visualize every detail for five minutes after study. Now, visualize something that’s never happened, such as the Browns winning the Super Bowl, and hold this for five minutes. Finally, look ahead and visualize your created object (Browns winning Super Bowl) with the eyes open, and magic will now take full effect. Make it real. See it right in front of you. Now that you’ve conquered visualization, change the object to what you want in life, and see it happening right in front of you. Do this every day, and you’ll make it happen, as the universe granted you power unknown to the masses.
Though these antics may sound weird to many, they’re tried, true, and proven to work, especially visualization, in which books have been written on the subject. Try these, in any order you’d like, and you’re well on your way to getting what you really want in life and finding your life’s purpose. But get it out into the universe.


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